Video Conferencing Services near Providence RI

Allied Court Reporters, Inc. offers quality, world-wide video conferencing with sync in its professional video conference centers. Our rooms boast High Definition Polycom HDX 9000 series stations with multiple large LED screens with seating for 2-20 people comfortably. Clients are ensured the highest quality video conferencing available on the market with our IP and Fiber Optic network producing the cleanest & clearest video conference possible.

Allied has registered affiliate sites in all 50 states, as well as hundreds of international sites available to host your video conferencing needs. The convenience of a national and international network gives our clients the benefit of cost savings and special discounts when scheduling through Allied.

Experience it “live” without the inconvenience of airport security, flight delays, rental cars and hotels, while saving time, money and other hassles associated with business travel.

Let Allied arrange and coordinate all your video conferencing needs.

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